We supply of Greek marble.

We operate in the field of marbles and granites with a great variety of materials, focusing on domestic marbles such as NESTOS, ARISTON, THASSOS, VOLAKAS, PIRGON, ARABESCATO, KYKNOS, SIVEC, PRINOS WHITE and NAXOS

Exterior Designs

Exterior Marble Slab Stocks. Find ideas and inspiration for Exterior Marble Slab blocks to add to your company.

Marble Designs

Our handpicked collection of marble designs explains different styles and tells you what works best for different places and locations.

Sustainable Marbles

Marble is considered to be unsustainable materials as they are non-renewable resources and have very energy intensive manufacturing processes.

marble company in greece

Consulting services for stone sub-contracting - Import and trade

We export to more than 19 countries worldwide.

At the moment we own the biggest stock in white marbles in Greece. We trade blocks, slabs, tiles, cut-to-size in a variety of marbles.

Marble from Greece. Greek marble manufacturer, being in natural stone industry for years & specializing in white marble tiles, slabs, cut-to-size and quarry blocks.

Simple company statistics

Exporter of Greek Marble. We specialize in marble tiles, marble blocks, marble slabs and marble cut to size. Quality marbles at the right prices.






White marble quarries. Proccessing of marble in all types. Natural Stones.